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Cheers to hands and to feet and to the little curve over here and that one over there too! And cheers to spontaneity and to playfulness and to love!

A series of die cut windows reveal hints of drawings while the drawings in the pages beyond tell the more complete story for the adult viewer.

In each image there is a focus on the aspect the author chooses to pull the viewer's eyes towards while the rest of the drawing is just a little “off” just as when we focus on something our eyes blur the surrounding area. In one picture, for example, three body parts seem to have a dialogue with each other while a couple looks on almost as though evesdropping on a conversation from another table in a restaurant with one looking slightly bewildered and the other slightly bemused. But the author is inviting the viewer to isolate and focus and infer and imagine from their own unique points of view and to make their own stories as well.

“Hands, Feet and Love” in a joyful minimal way celebrates us as individuals, us together and what brings us together.