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Tamar Haber-Schaim


found pleasure designing books from the time she was a small girl moving back and forth between the US and Israel with her family. Tamar was born on 24/3/60 in Boston, Massachusetts. She has a degree in journalism from Boston University but started her own illustration and design business in 1985 and has been working for herself ever since. Her studio in eclectic Cambridge is just across the river from Boston.

Tamar likes to travel with her work and wander the streets of other cities observing people and their surroundings. She rarely feels a sense of belonging more to one country than to another but, rather, every place feels like it could be "home" once she memorizes a few of its details and quirks.

Tamar works always minimally both as a designer and an illustrator. Her illustrations are line drawings or cut-paper or digital versions of either. She enjoys variety and has worked in many areas including for editorial and corporate clients in the US, Europe and Japan such as the New York Times Book Review and British Vogue, banks, restaurants and stores. She has designed and produced animation for television in the US and in Italy. And she has created corporate IDs and products where the opportunity to instill some warmth on usually drier subjects is involved. Tamar also has been drawn to projects where she can combine simplicity with unusual printing or technology both for clients and for exhibition.

Tamar has taught at Massachusetts College of Art and has given talks always incorporating a focus on the theme of celebrating where our ideas come from, what moves us and what makes our work unique.


Hands, feet and love

ISBN: 978-3-85252-931-8
15 x 15 cm, 48 S., zahlr. Abb.: vierf., Hardcover; Text engl.
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