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[Published in conjunction with the final exhibition of the three-part series on artists who experienced life in exile Scenes of Exile, 25 July—22 November 2020, Museum der Moderne Salzburg.
Edited by Thorsten Sadowsky for the Museum der Moderne Salzburg.
Texts by: Ute Eskildsen, Barbara Herzog, Kurt Kaindl, Elke-Vera Kotowski, Christiane Kuhlmann, Brigitte Mayr and Michael Omasta, Walter Moser, Andreas Neufert, Frank-Manuel Peter, Astrid Schmetterling, Thorsten Sadowsky, Peter Schreiner, Georg Schrom, Rosa von der Schulenburg, Tom Waibl and Elisabeth Streit, Magdalena Vuković, Andrea Winklbauer.]
[artedition | Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz]

The present catalogue gathers materials related to all three exhibitions on exile: Up/Rooted: Four Women Artists in Exile (2017), Resonance of Exile (2018) and Scenes of Exile (2020). With this carefully researched contribution to the historiography of exile, we also seek to strengthen the culture of remembrance; in addition to reconstructing the lives of refugee and emigrant artists, the books' authors offer in-depth discussions of their oeuvres and ideas that, we hope, will help protect them from oblivion.

“Not only do you have to adapt to a new life, you moreover have to try to somehow understand what actually happened and how you deal with it. An entire life goes by and you still don't understand it.” (Amos Vogel)